Thursday, April 13

what a peaceful day it has been...

things never go well, do they? well, hasn't posted in quite a while. things happened like me finally sitting my ass down to write my resume, then sending it out and within a week found a job and committed myself to it.

so i'm a freaking paper-pusher now. what can i do? i need the money...

okay so was having a somewhat peaceful beginning at the new company except for my daily battle as the receptionist. then today happened. today the/my HR department and Accounts department went off on their company trip to Japan. Which I won't be getting as the company don't have a policy of sending people off on company vacation. This trip only happens to the Accounts and HR team because they worked hard last year when the company got their IPO. dots... my senior's exact words were "some people may have worked for ten years in the company and won't enjoy this kind of trip." back to my eventful day.

today, a lady chose today to called up and declared that she is proceeding to court because the company did not pay her her due money. dots, i told you the HR department is not around, i will make sure they call you back on monday. she refused to leave her name, just keep telling me how poor she is and need money to pay for her kids... yayaya, so leave a bloody name. it would just be my luck that this is either a prank call or she got the wrong company.

and the door to the office has to choose today to break down. we have to break the emergency release to open the door. following that, the bloody alarm sounded whenever the door is open. those people all are coming in to complain to me that the sound is driving them nuts. hello, who's in more pain? you sitting in the deep dark corner at the end of the office or me who is sitting less than two meters away from the freaking door. i called the bloody 4 times in an hour. i do not need you to come bitch to me about it. on that note, if the noise irritates you guys so much, close the door behind you so that the alarm will cut off sooner instead of just leaving it open and waiting for it to sway shut on its own...

are you like daft? or just plain inconsiderate and lazy? i'm the one suffering from the noise most okay. you complain queen from the deep dark end of the office.

and i had to explained the entire exciting story to all tom, dick and harry in the company? these tom dick and harry also includes the company's three directors. dots. yes, i have called the technician. yes, they are on their way down. no, i'm not so stupid till i will just leave the door spoilt like this.

then the technician fixed the door. i wasted like one and a half hour trailing
him as he walked to the door and back to the end to the computer room. he fixed the door, or so he and i thought. he fixed it so wonderfully that only my card is being properly read by the scanner. great. how am i going to explain to the people on monday?

now they must really think i am a idiot.